Stop Worrying Start Talking

We understand out of sight is not out of mind. Let your loved ones know you care about them and are not lost in the hustle bustle of the foreign land. DroidCall brings you cheap calls to the PHILIPPINES

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Why Us?

We want you to stay connected without thinking about the cost, with your
loved ones. Enjoy great deals without compromising on the quality.

Free Caller ID

Avoid confusing your call receiver by calling from any random server number. Call from your own number and hear the excitement of your loved ones on receiving a call from you at no extra cost.

No Internet Required

Your loved ones don’t need internet access to receive your call. They call to receive the call anytime you call them. No dependency no waiting!

Pay what you see

We absolutely charge NO Connection fee, Maintenance fee, Termination fee or any other fee. You only pay package price, no hidden charges.

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Crystal Clear Calls

We know that quality is everything and that’s the reason we provide you Uninterrupted Crystal Clear calls. No disturbance no interruptions! Just the sweet voice of your loved ones.

Quick Connectivity

DroidCall connects your call in a matter of seconds. You just need to click on the call button and you will be amazed to see how quickly the call is connected.

Best Rates Guaranteed

At Droid Call, we guarantee you best possible rates with highest calling quality. So stop worrying and start talking.

Our Popular Plans

We have various Philippines Calling Plan packages and you can choose the plan that best suits you

How it works?

Checkout with Droidman how DroidCall works!


Check out what our clients have to say about us.

Isabel image

Wow, DroidCall is magical. I was a skeptic until I pressed the call button. The call quality blew me away and I have been hooked ever since. This is what VOIP calling should always have been like.

Analyn Image

I regularly use DroidCall to call my parents in Philippines. I like being able to make so cheap calls from the app while I am working. My mom is talkative and now I don’t have to stop her in between when she is telling me a story :).  The call quality is excellent. Thank you DroidCall team for the wonderful service!

David Image

I just use DroidCall to call my online friends in Philippines. It works flawlessly.

Julia Image

Thank You DroidCall! I love idea of this site. This is awesome and valuable service which allows me to speak to my family and friends back in my country whenever I want. This is how communication should look like 🙂

Carla Image

This is I believe is the best way for direct, fast and secure communication with the help of Internet. Love DroidCall services!

Starlyn image

Just love DroidCall. I was going to give up on making phone calls until DroidCall came to the rescue. The voice is astonishingly clear – it almost feels like I am talking to person standing in front of me. I just love it.


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