Tuesday, 18th September: Telecom major DroidCall.com has introduced cheapest calls, the VoIP-based telephony services from the USA to the Philippines. Gaurav Saluja, CEO, DroidCall.com launched the service in a function organised in Las Vegas today. This is the first company to offer such services at extremely reasonable rates. Though being inexpensive, Droidcall.com extends a variety of features to their users based in the United States of America, which are listed as follows.



With DroidCall, you don’t need to be an internet slave to receive phone calls. It’s advanced feature allows users to attend VoIP calling even if they don’t have an Internet connection. Thus making it the only service provider to offer this technology. Staying in contact with your relatives, friends and business associates is now possible even in the absence of Internet functionality.


Now you can see who’s calling you before you pick the phone. With this feature, customers can make a list of approved and unapproved callers to filter out scammers and time-wasters automatically. This helps you to refine your communication and get more from VoIP.


VoIP Call quality can be frustrating at times. This may occur due to a range of reasons such as hardware, software and other tech glitches. However, with DroidCall’s advanced technology, users can connect with their employees and family with crystal clear voice calls. Their robust AI based voice compression algorithm reduces bandwidth usage by more than 50%, enabling call transfer without sound degradation.


DroidCall offers dedicated service line which lets you connect your calls in just a few seconds. Just click on the ‘CALL’ button after you enter the desired phone number and you will be amazed by the connectivity speed.


DroidCall enables a variety of premium calling features with the cheapest rates in the market. All plans come with unlimited calls from which users can select what suits them the best. These packages range from 1 to 30 days of validity. DroidCall guarantees exceptional calling quality with the cheapest rates in the market.


 Advanced fraud monitoring software is the most important amenity that DroidCall provides. This AI service automatically detects abnormal call patterns to protect you against vulnerable security thefts that occur during VoIP connection. Additional security features such as privacy and data protection are also included in DroidCall’s service list.


DroidCall is always available to resolve your queries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They always make sure to support you when you need it the most, so that you can never be devoid to make calls to your colleagues, staffs/family members


DroidCall’s services will enable consumers to make calls from USA to Philippines even in the areas where network supply is erratic. Customers can enjoy cheap and crystal clear calling without having to worry for anything. With their affordable packages starting at $2.99, DroidCall is really changing the way how users in USA communicate to their businesses and  loved ones in Philippines