Voice over IP is a communication technology which has bought with it immense savings on cost, and flexibility. People have switched to VOIP from the traditional calling system which shows the facilitation of the new era. VOIP systems initially had quality issues which has been resolved over the years. Having a poor call quality can highly reprimand and damage a company’s reputation. In order to choose the best VOIP service provider that is genuinely reliable and offers best quality call services it is essential to determine the following factors before making your final selection:


  • Your internet should be ready for a VOIP system: Most of the time people are quite unhappy with the VOIP system. It is not the system’s fault at all. It is necessary to have an Internet connection at good speed to be able to seamlessly use VOIP to its full potential. Droidcall offers VOIP system where you need to have Internet connection but your receiver may not necessarily have one, unlike other VOIP system where both parties are required to have a strong internet connection. A good internet connection from your side is sufficient enough. The receiver may not necessarily have a great internet connection. The call quality will be great whatsoever.


  • Look at the cost effectiveness: Money is an important aspect one considers to pick a VOIP service. Droidcall offers the cheapest way to call Philippines. You can make calls as cheap as 2c/min only. Droidcall also offers very reasonable call packages to Philippines from USA. If you are looking to save your money on the phone bills you pay monthly, consider the best price offered by the different VOIP service providers for best quality call services.


  • Verify the references or previous client reviews: It is the best practice to look up the client reviews of the different service providers of VOIP and ask for testimonials of clients to assess best whether the VOIP service provider you would be picking is right or not.


  • Ensure SLA: SLA means Service Level Agreements. It is a contract which is made between a VOIP service vendor and the client. It ensures the clients that the expectations are met post implementation of the service. The SLA’s addresses the factors such as uptime, bandwidth, and Qos. SLA should be an essential part which the service provider you pick should definitely give you.
  • Make sure you get assured service guarantee: What would you do if your VOIP system crashes at 5 am early morning or midnight? The clients should not be hesitant in asking for details of support and service from the VOIP service provider to ensure that all issues will be resolved anytime. No one wants to opt for a VOIP service provider who is difficult to reach or available for support for limited hours a day.

With traditional wires going of sight and style, you need to pick out the best VOIP service for your business. These are the most important factors you need to consider for your business