In this modern era, people go to dwell overseas due to a variety of reasons. Whether you are attending college, finding a job or health diagnostics, living far away from your family and friends can be really miserable. To stay in touch with your loved ones can be harder than it seems. Time zone differences, busy work and college schedule make it more difficult to connect with our family, leaving only a few minutes to talk back home. Thanks to the Internet, staying in touch with your family and friends is now easier than ever.

From instant messaging to photo sharing, to video and audio calls, there are a lot of great options to reach out to your family members when living overseas. Here are a few ways that can help you overcome your homesickness.


Social Media:- The first thing most of us usually do when we visit a new place is to click a picture or selfie. Many of us are photo addicts who like to take several photos at the same spot, just to make sure every angle is perfect. Pictures are one of the best ways to stay connected, and with the help of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, a photo clicked with your phone can be instantaneously shared with your loved ones located thousands of miles away. A single photo shared with family can make them realize that how much you miss them, despite the distances.

  1. Letters and Postcards:-Though technology has destroyed all the communication barriers, there’s something more personal about the old traditional postcards and letters. Everyone loves the feeling of receiving personalized postcard messages. A handwritten mail/card is always a special way to share your experiences with someone you love. It also makes them feel special because they know you took time from the busy schedule just to write for them. While there are many cheaper ways out there, postcards are totally worth the smiles they bring on the other side of the world. 
  2. Voice over Internet Protocol: VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol is the latest technology that lets you communicate with your loved ones through the Internet. It uses a special combination of software and hardware infrastructure to offer you seamless connectivity with your family members staying thousands of miles apart. Unlike the traditional phone services such as PSTN, in VoIP, the data is transmitted using the Internet. With VoIP, you can communicate with anyone located thousands of miles away, just by using your broadband connection. One of the most important advantages that VoIP offer is value for money. You don’t need to pay for anything apart from your Internet bill. DroidCall is a leading VoIP service provider that offers the cheapest packages so that you can talk with your family and friends without thinking of the limits. 

  3. Emails:- Email is the modern way of sending letters. It works almost like the traditional post office mail, except for the fact that in an email, we send letters through the Internet. Email sent from one part of the world can be received by anyone situated miles away within a fraction of seconds. You can share photos, videos and other files with your loved ones just by a click of a mouse. To send and receive emails, the sender and receiver need to have a valid email address account, which can be created easily using service providers such as Google, Microsoft etc. 
  4. Blogging:– It’s nearly impossible to share all your stories on a phone or chat. Blogs help you to overcome these challenges. Blogging is one of the most important ways to keep in touch with your family and friends while living abroad. You can share daily happenings, vital events and nostalgic experiences with the help of a personal blog. This enables your loved ones back home to share their thoughts and communicate online through your blog. Blogger and Squarespace are a great way to start your own blog with minimum tech know-how.


Above mentioned are just a few of the many ways that I found useful to communicate with family and friends while living abroad. Each one comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, but always remember, it is important to stay connected to your loved ones, no matter what way you choose. They miss you and are excited to know what you are up to and your experiences while living overseas.