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Isabel image

Wow, DroidCall is magical. I was a skeptic until I pressed the call button. The call quality blew me away and I have been hooked ever since. This is what VOIP calling should always have been like.

Carla Image

This is I believe is the best way for direct, fast and secure communication with the help of Internet. Love DroidCall services!

Julia Image

Thank You DroidCall! I love idea of this site. This is awesome and valuable service which allows me to speak to my family and friends back in my country whenever I want. This is how communication should look like 🙂

Analyn Image

I regularly use DroidCall to call my parents in Philippines. I like being able to make so cheap calls from the app while I am working. My mom is talkative and now I don’t have to stop her in between when she is telling me a story :).  The call quality is excellent. Thank you DroidCall team for the wonderful service!

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Just love DroidCall. I was going to give up on making phone calls until DroidCall came to the rescue. The voice is astonishingly clear – it almost feels like I am talking to person standing in front of me. I just love it.

David Image

I just use DroidCall to call my online friends in Philippines. It works flawlessly.


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